About us

About Us

Welcome To MD Mart

MD Mart is a one-stop supermarket chain that aims to offer customers a wide range of basic home and personal products under one roof. Each MD Mart store stocks home utility products - including food, toiletries, beauty products, garments, kitchenware, bed and bath linen, home appliances and more - available at competitive prices that our customers appreciate. Our core objective is to offer customers good products at great value.


  • Focus : To be focused about what I do.
  • Motivated : To be clear of achieving my goal.
  • Enthusiastic : To love what I do.


  • Respect : To respect every individual in the organisation and provide her/him with the dignity and attention to make her/him believe that she/he makes a difference to the organisation.
  • Listen : To listen and resolve any employee / customer grievance quickly and fairly.


  • Integrity : By being open, honest and fair in all our relationships and being respectful and trustful to others.


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